Peter Savage Film Enterprises
About Us

We are the family of Peter Savage, and we started this website as a tribute, and to help preserve his legacy.

Pete spent most of his life striving to better himself and to leave the world a better place than he found it.  He felt that kindnesses only counted if you didn't tell anyone about them.  Those who knew him remember his razor-sharp intelligence, his charisma and the strength of his personality, not to mention his million-dollar smile. 

He struggled throughout his life, fighting authority as a young man; railing against society as a jaded adult; and finally battling his way through the Hollywood machine to make his voice heard.  Through it all, the most important things to him were family and honor.

We wish you could have known the man.

Peter Savage wanted his life to be an inspiration to others, and his message was, "If I could do it, anybody can."